Advancements in Big Data Analytics are helping countless businesses in a variety of industries to increase profits and get the most out of their data. We knew early on that this was a field we needed to get into, and now we have the experience and knowledge to apply these cutting edge trends to software we develop. Analytics and visualization is of data in a digestible manner is key for businesses to understand what is really going on under the hood.

Stack Blue UX and Design teams develop some of the finest dashboards for reports and analysis of big data. We work with some of the leading visualization libraries such as D3js. Our highly experienced engineers make thorough use of important event triggers for your business, catering your software to specifically suit your needs. Our background in cyber-security adds to the robust nature of the software we build. Stack Blue develops systems that increase business intelligence.

Scalable Analysis, Organization, and Optimization

Stack Blue has both the solutions and the expertise to manage any data set, no matter how large or complex. Where traditional data processing applications fail, our systems thrive, providing our clients with the tools they need to run at peak performance.

    • Valuable Data Extraction
    • Big Data Transformation
    • Streamlined Loading Processes
    • Complex Data Management
    • Process Non-Normalized Data
    • System Scalability
    • Data Optimization
    • Data Organization
    • Flexibility
    • Reliability
    • Improved Performance