Stack Blue currently assists many firms in the printing industry, and interestingly enough in the medical industry, with custom desktop printing tools. We understand the need for routing of files to private and secure cloud servers, and have implemented technologies that do this for the businesses that need it most.

Working with Stack Blue for your development needs ensures that you have the ability to integrate with various hardware and software through the use of APIs. We have integrated software with many different types of useful systems and hardware, and have been able to utilize things like card swiping hardware for a wide variety of useful applications.

Private and Secure Cloud Routing

The routing of sensitive data to cloud servers requires a specialized set of skills in order to keep data safe. Stack Blue is an industry leader when it comes to information security.

Hardware and Software Integration

We can work with different drivers and API’s to make sure that your solution is integrated completely with your hardware and existing systems.

Continuous Support and Maintenance

Stack Blue can provide your business with continuous support and maintenance for all of your businesses systems, allowing your teams to stay focused.

Easy, Intelligent Integration

Our experience with hardware integration ensures that all of the puzzle pieces required for your project can come together with ease.

    • API Integration
    • Hardware Integration
    • Secure Web Portals
    • Mobile Access
    • Private Cloud Server Routing
    • Continuous Support