Our strategic, industry focused approach to acquiring projects has led us to become experts in a wide variety of industries, Finance being one of them. We have built technologies to support numerous businesses in the Finance and Risk Management sector. Our engineers and developers are well versed in technologies that make working with multiple data feeds, and analyzing data more effective. Stack Blue is trusted by big players to assist with data cleaning, visualization and security.

ETL processes are critical components for feeding a business intelligence system, or big data platform. Stack Blue has extensive experience applying Extraction, Transformation and Loading processes for the purposes of building financial and risk management tools.

Data Security

For the purpose of Finance and Risk management software, our InfoSec teams use highly specialized protocols to ensure the safety of our clients data.

Custom Trigger Levels

Our systems are capable of running all processes in parallel to minimize inefficiency. Any special requirements of your business can be implemented into your custom software solution.

Multiple Data Feeds

We are well versed in creating ETL systems that utilize multiple data feeds, and are experts in data cleaning, analytics, and visualization.

Extract, Transform, Load

Because data extraction can take significant time to execute, our systems commonly perform all phases in parallel.

ETL systems developed by Stack Blue for your business will be capable of integrating data from any applications your business requires.

    • Data Cleaning
    • Security
    • Custom Dashboards
    • Data Analytics
    • Extraction
    • Transformation
    • Loading
    • User Friendly Portals