Custom Web Portals & Applications

Stack Blue helps our partners develop some of the most incredible technologies in the market.

Companies come to us with a broad vision for a technology solution that can optimize, improve, or assist their business in one or more ways. What we provide is our knowledge and expertise; we weave together all of the necessary premier technologies and custom features to deliver solutions that meet and exceed all expectations.

    • Business Process Automation
    • Custom Secure Web Portals
    • Data Analytics & Visualization
    • SaaS Technologies

Technology to help businesses run at Peak Performance

Business process automation can be the difference maker in your field. Our technologies help countless businesses run better, and more efficiently. We have boundless knowledge and expertise with all major stacks and technologies:

  • LAMP Stack

  • MEAN Stack

  • Microsoft Stack

No Feature is beyond reach

Our teams ensure your software is a perfect fit for you and your business. Crafting exceptional technology solutions is the core coal of Stack Blue; if you can dream it, we can build it.

Stack Blue empowers businesses through technology

We will help you navigate through all available technologies and options, and guide your project to success. Our background is unmatched, and we have the technical know-how to get your project off the ground and headed in the right direction on day one. We are a full service firm dedicated to assisting our partners reap the maximum benefit from their technology solutions.

    • Experienced Engineers
    • Technology Consulting
    • User Experience
    • Business Strategy Analysis
    • Application Security
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • API Integration
    • Project Rescue
    • Tech Team Optimization
    • Maintenance
    • Support

Stack Blue can build your B2B and B2C Web Portals

Our teams will help you build complex websites and portals to help you reach your customers, or enhance your business with web tools. We have built web based business intelligence systems to help businesses run better, developed complex e-commerce solutions like auction sites and market paces, constructed social networks from the ground up and more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to improving your business with sophisticated technologies, whether you are strengthening your relationship with your customers, or streamlining internal processes.

Custom Content Management Systems

Stack Blue CMS solutions allow your businesses web portals to effectively allow your company to communicate and market your message through the management of your web content. All solutions are built with the end user in mind and make collaboration and publishing a breeze.

E-commerce Platforms

Whether you need a robust online retail store, or a B2B marketplace, our teams have done it all. We can create custom booking applications and bidding platforms for your auction based business. Our senior engineers will guide you through the technology to the solution that fits your business snugly.

Social Networks

We have helped both startups and experienced businesses develop a bunch of great social networking platforms. We ensure that your platform will always be attractive to the end user and have a great built-in user experience.

Payment Gateways

If there is one thing we know is important for businesses, it is how to take payments effectively. That’s why we always focus on integrating e-payment solutions that enable your business to have the sophisticated features of these platforms at your disposal. Talk to our electronic payments specialists about how payment gateways can revolutionize your businesses billing solutions, online payments, and mobile payments.

Our solutions consistently improve business operations

No matter what the requirements of your business are, our top technologists can help you chisel out a platform that will allow your business to run at peak performance.

    • Reliable access to secure web portals
    • Scalable solutions that are enterprise grade
    • Ability to handle multiple data feeds and user types
    • API integration for added features
    • Easy and effective analytics and visualization tools
    • Custom reporting features