From the introduction of the .NET framework, Stack Blue has invested in helping businesses develop enterprise grade software solutions. We have a trained team of dedicated .NET developers and engineers who have years of cumulative experience with the platform. Our teams are capable of meeting complex software requirements using the latest components .NET offers.

Stack Blue can provide:

Porting and Migration services

If your current legacy software was written in something that wasn’t scalable, or enterprise ready, migration to .NET may be the most viable progression for your system. Stack Blue can migrate your code to the Microsoft stack to help take you from an MVP to an enterprise grade software solution.

3rd Party Customizations

We have expertise with all types of 3rd party customizations including our in-depth knowledge of payment gateways and other API integrations. No matter what feature you are trying to add to your platform to make your business run better, our engineers will guide you to the finish line.

Custom Reporting Solutions

Stack Blue has extensive background in developing custom reports. We have spent over a decade developing platforms that inform businesses of their most mission critical reports.

Database Expertise

Our database professionals are specialists using both MySQL and SQL Server on the Microsoft stack. Stack Blue ensures the quality of your systems backbone using the absolute best practices when it comes to database structure.

BizTalk Implementation

Microsoft has given startups 2 years free of the BizTalk service. If you want to take advantage of BizTalk, we can help you leverage the platform to maximize the ROI of your technology.


Stack Blue .NET teams have expertise in the following areas:


    • Billing and payment solutions
    • Marketplace and auctions
    • Media streaming solutions
    • E-learning Solutions
    • Corporate Information Systems
    • Document Management Systems
    • Regulatory Solutions
    • Web Portals
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Intranet / Extranet
    • Enterprise Content Management / CMS
    • VoIP
    • eCommerce
    • Media and Entertainment
    • Healthcare
    • Banking and Finance
    • Education and E-learning
    • Software and Technology


Stack Blue experience and skills include profound C#, VB.NET, LINQ programming, WPF development and a wide range of .NET testing, profiling and code analysis tools. We ensure that you receive cost-effective, clearly coded and optimized solutions that provide the best user experience. Stack Blue delivers the expertise in the following technology areas:

    • Web Applications:

    • ASP .NET
    • ASP .NET MVC
    • E-learning Solutions
    • ASP .NET
    • Data Access

    • ADO.NET
    • LINQ
    • Entity Framework
    • Web Services

    • Windows Forms
    • WPF
    • XAML Browser Applications
    • ASP .NET Web Services
    • WCF Services
    • WCF Data Services
    • REST
    • SOAP
    • JSON
    • ODATA
    • Security

    • HTTP/SSL
    • SSO
    • Kerberos
    • Encryption
    • Auditing
    • Logging