Who We Are

Stack Blue is comprised of a team of business technology consultants, engineers, developers, designers, and marketing innovators. We have a strong history of crafting exceptional technologies to support businesses of all types.

Our experience allows our partners to entrust us when making key tactical decisions. Our unique methodology employs a focused, agile development cycle that businesses can depend on – that is our guarantee.

Why Stack Blue?

Stack Blue manages all projects on a local level right here in New York. When we take on your project, our project managers and engineers will meet with you either in our offices, or come to your location to get a feel for your company. We have an extensive discovery phase to learn about the specific needs of your technology solution, whether we are developing your software from the ground up, or diving into an existing codebase to optimize your business processes.

We manage projects locally, right here in New York.

Stop by our office in Midtown Manhattan anytime, or schedule a meeting for us to come in to your location if you have any questions or concerns during the development of your project. We value face time and we take a hands-on approach when you choose us to assist your business.

We are efficient with your budget.

Custom software can be expensive, and there are endless opportunities for optimization and improvement. We know this, which is why we chisel out the perfect scope to meet your budget and ruthlessly stick to it. Stack Blue will always ensure that you get the most value and functionality out of every dollar you put towards development.

We consistently deliver.

When you choose Stack Blue to work on your project, your business will reap the full benefit of the collective knowledge-base of our teams. If you ever run into an obstacle, you can always count on the expertise and creativity of our engineers, designers, and software innovators for some guidance on your technological roadmap to success.

Our process makes us incredibly easy to work with

We know that custom software development can seem cumbersome to business owners, but we are in the business of making your life easier, not more difficult. We have modeled our entire unique agile development processes in a way that streamlines the process for our clients. Our engineers are well versed in explaining technology to laypeople. Our team learns about your business and helps you optimize it, it’s that simple.

  • To meet the scope for all our software development projects, Stack Blue first engages in our preliminary research and discovery phase. Our engineers take the time to understand all the functional interactions based on the needs of the software. Following this in-depth analysis of the flow and general use cases, detailed storyboarding is provided to the client for approval.
  • Development is typically spread across three phases, and quality assurance experts perform activities at regular intervals to ensure the best possible quality, and user experience. We ask our clients to actively engage in feedback during the development progress to ensure that all expectations are being met. At the end of development, final QA and testing from an end user’s POV is conducted.
  • When the software development is complete, Stack Blue ensures that our clients are given the appropriate training and knowledge transfer. To ensure that all applications remain relevant and useful to end users, maintenance and further expansions are always an option.

Stack Blue is an industry leader in development, customization and integration of high-end technology solutions, and cutting edge web and mobile applications. We offer a well rounded blend of business technology know-how and have a rock solid background in driving success. We help our partners optimize their businesses with our effective execution and implementation custom technology solutions.

The Stack Blue philosophy is simple –craft razor sharp technologies with a fluid execution strategy, to ensure a positive experience for our partners, and lay the groundwork for their success.

Stack Blue provides

  • Technology Consulting
  • Business Analysis & Requirements Management
  • Solution Prototyping
  • Professional Visual Design
  • Custom Development from Scratch
  • Related Mobile App Development
  • Third-Party Solution Customization
  • Functional Enhancements
  • Migration from Legacy Technologies
  • Maintenance & Support


Audit Process


Discussing and interviewing existing staff and resources on the team.


Reviewing all existing software properties within the digital ecosystem.


Evaluating current infrastructure and server environments that have been set up.


Building a strategic technology roadmap based on the organization’s ideal state.


Providing tactical support to ensure projects are feasible to implement.