Google Ads


Google Ads

Create a comprehensive PPC customer acquisition strategy that uses ROI driven techniques to achieve your digital marketing goals.
01- Research

Use competitive insights and industry leading tools to discover more about your customers’ online activities, interests, and demographics.

02 - Strategy

Create structured campaigns with targeted keywords and compelling ad copy to reach your audience and deliver specific results.

03 - Management

Monitor and continuously optimize campaigns, testing and making edits to keywords, ads, landing pages, bids, and budgets.

04 - Reporting

Provide monthly reports with valuable campaign metrics and results, as well as optimizations and insights from previous month with our suggested edits.

Understand why promoting your brand is important!

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Campaign Structure
Divide campaigns into specific ad groups, allowing for optimization between different products, industries, or geographies.
Keyword Research
Use sophisticated tools to determine which keywords customers are searching for and which will perform best for the campaign.
Ad Development
Write compelling ad copy to catch customers’ eye, using industry best practices and sitelinks, callout extensions, and structured snippets.
Landing Pages
Optimize landing pages so they are relevant to the keywords being searched and ads being shown, improving quality score.
Constant Management
Consistently manage the account, optimizing campaigns through bid strategies, placements, ad copy, keywords, search terms, and more.
Other Ad Types
Beside Search ads, we can also utilize Display Ads, Remarketing, and Youtube, placing your message in front of the ideal customer.