Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Engage and re-engage subscribers by sending regular emails with important updates and offers to your customers.
01- Email Your Contact List

Schedule Email Blasts weekly or monthly to reach core clientele.

02 - Grow Your Contact List

Integrate email capture forms on website and social media outlets to organically grow your contact list.

Understand why promoting your brand is important!

We know the importance of a good layout, so we are here to take your product to your right customer.
Create or Integrate List
Use pre-defined list or create new list of contacts to send email communication to.
Design Custom Emails
Create custom email designs for clients which reflect the brand, website, or visual direction
Segment Targets
Target segmented populations of client list, sending specific messaging to various part of the sales funnel.
Action Oriented
Include clickable links (download, visit page, sign up, follow us, etc.) to emails to boost engagement
Measurable Results
Utilize analytics to determine which strategies work best with email marketing.
Cost Effective
Control budget depending on how many emails to send out on a weekly and/or monthly period.