Search Engine Optimization

Gain more “organic traffic” by connecting with people who have shown interest about the industry via search engines

01- On Page SEO

Focuses on content that's "on the page," & how to optimize it to help boost the website's ranking for specific keywords.

02 - Off Page SEO​

Focuses on links that are directing to the website from elsewhere on the internet. These backlinks cause your website to rank higher.

03 - Technical SEO

Focuses on a website's architecture, examining the backend of that website to see how each webpage is "technically" set up.

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Audit & Research

Conduct an SEO audit of your website and a market analysis of brand, industry, and competition. 

Identify Keywords

Identify which keywords are prime targets to focus on, using SEO tools and reporting.

Update Content

Create and update landing pages and content based on keyword analysis, boosting search engine rank.

Offpage SEO

Research industry and location to continuously pursue backlink opportunities.

Technical SEO

Structure backend of website appropriately, making it easier for google to index and crawl site.

Google My Business

Create, index, verify and optimize listing for your company, adding clicks, calls, and map actions.