The Stack Blue Advantage

We are trusted by big names as well as startups for our extensive industry specific knowledge base.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our team of developers and marketers have extensive experience across many industries, which allows us to bring the best practices of the industry to your project. Here are just some of the many industries we’ve worked for. 

Finance and Risk Management

  • Data Cleaning
  • Security
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Data Analytics
  • ETL
  • User Friendly Portals

Data Security

For the purpose of Finance and Risk management software, our teams use specialized protocols to ensure the safety of our clients data.

Custom Triggers

Our systems are capable of running all processes in parallel to minimize inefficiency.

Data Feeds

We are well versed in creating systems that utilize multiple data feeds, and are experts in data cleaning, analytics, and visualization.

ETL Process

ETL systems developed by Stack Blue for your business will be capable of integrating data from any applications your business requires.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Analytics and visualization of data in a digestible manner is key for businesses to understand what is really going on under the hood and we develop systems that increase business intelligence.


Scalable Analysis, Organization, And Optimization

Stack Blue has both the solutions and the expertise to manage any data set, no matter how large or complex. Where traditional data processing applications fail, our systems thrive, providing our clients with the tools they need to run at peak performance.

  • Valuable Data Extraction
  • Big Data Transformation
  • Streamlined Loading Processes
  • Complex Data Management
  • Process Non-Normalized Data
  • Data Optimization
  • Data Organization
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Improved Performance
  • System Scalability

Stack Blue UX and Design teams develop some of the finest dashboards for reports and analysis of big data. We work with some of the leading visualization libraries such as D3js.

ERP Systems

Stack Blue has been at the forefront of developing cutting edge enterprise resource planning systems that works just the way you want it to such as RMA software for Verizon Authorized Resellers. We will be your long term partner for custom ERP System development, implementation, and maintenance, all while keeping the software agile and ready to be upgraded when any new need surfaces for your business. 

  • Scoping
  • Building
  • Testing
  • Iterating
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Web Portals
  • Mobile Access
  • Cloud Migration

Business Planning

Plan, manage and control your enterprise resources effectively through intelligent analysis and forecasting of demand, available resources and sales opportunities. Create summarizing dashboards of your enterprise Key performance indicators (KPIs) for business intelligence to support decision-making.

Production Management

Build and manage production plans as needed, aligning them with demand and available resources; efficiently control production sites, work hours, security issues and production time.

Human Resources

Automate typical human resources processes and staff management; streamline management of employee job histories, payrolls, benefits administration, etc.

Inventory Management

Set up highly automated inventory management; facilitate and automate most recurring transactions; manage all aspects of delivery and track detailed product information.


Simply creation, management and control of your balance sheets, cash flow monitoring, accounts management and reconciliation. Produce financial reports on material, labor, production costs and revenues in minutes. Create custom reports and visualizations to better understand and share the data. 


Establish a complete procurement management system; search, create and retain vendor information; track pricing; streamline purchase-order creation; easily manage deliveries and acceptance; ensure quality of all goods purchased.

Desktop Printing Tools

Stack Blue has worked with firms in the printing and medical industry for custom desktop printing tools. We understand the need for routing files to private and secure cloud servers. We have integrated software with many different types systems and hardware, and have been able to utilize things like card swiping hardware for a wide variety of use cases.

  • API Integration

  • Hardware Integration

  • Secure Web Portals

  • Mobile Access

  • Private Cloud Server Routing

  • Continuous Support

Private And Secure Cloud Routing

The routing of sensitive data to cloud servers requires a specialized set of skills in order to keep data safe. 

Hardware And Software Integration

We can work with drivers and APIs to make sure that your solution is integrated with your hardware and existing systems.

Continuous Support And Maintenance

Stack Blue can provide your business with continuous support and maintenance, allowing your teams to stay focused.