Moodle LMS

The world’s most recognized LMS, used by organizations across all sectors.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a learning management system designed to help manage online training. It is popularly used by many organizations across all industries. It allows you to create, upload, and administer e-learning content while assessing your users, measuring their progress, and even rewarding their achievements.

Choose Moodle, the world’s most recognized LMS (Learning Management System).

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How a Moodle LMS makes e-learning simple

Easy to use
The success of Moodle can be attributed to its easy administration features. With features like drag-and-drop course development and effective progress tracking, Moodle streamlines the delivery of e-learning and makes it quick and easy for administrators to use.
Integration options
Although Moodle LMS can be used independently, its full potential can only be realized by combining it with other internal systems. It permits data integration with current HR and CRM systems and integrates easily with video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This increases its adaptability to fit the unique needs of your company.
Moodle encourages group learning, improves achievement among learners, and promotes workplace engagement. The workplace can benefit greatly from the collaborative spaces provided by features like forums, chats, groups, and Wikis, which allow users to share ideas and work together on projects.
Multi-device compatibility
Accessibility is a top priority for Moodle so that users can utilize the LMS on any device. For companies with deskless workforces, Moodle’s mobile responsiveness ensures a uniform experience across all devices. It helps the online training process to be more accessible to learners who can easily access training materials anytime and wherever they want.

Moodle’s e-learning functionality

Content management
The flexible features of Moodle, such as the improved content bank and H5P in Moodle 4.0 updation, make it easier to create and manage a wide range of unique, personalized learning resources and activities. It also allows externally created e-learning content to be directly uploaded in SCORM, IMS, or AICC formats.
Assessment and achieving
A variety of assessment methods are available in Moodle LMS, such as formal assignment submissions and a powerful built-in quiz engine. Additionally, it works with tests using popular external authoring tools, allowing scores and completion information to be easily synced with the course grade book.
Web conferencing
Real-time involvement through web conferencing can enhance your virtual learning environment. Online sessions are made easier via live video streaming, desktop sharing, presentation sharing, and much more without any trouble and costs involved during training.
Cohort management
Learner administration and management are made easier with Moodle LMS. Groups and cohorts provide an efficient way to manage learners while customizing instruction to meet individual training requirements.
Competency management
The competencies feature in Moodle enables the creation of frameworks that may be customized to represent the knowledge and abilities needed across an organization. It improves training alignment by creating organized links between online learning and competencies.
Reporting tools
To make data analysis easier, Moodle provides 17 standard reporting templates for tracking activity, compliance, course completion, and competency accomplishment within courses.

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