Streamlining business processes with software is our core mission.

All types of businesses contact us to meet with our engineers and project managers to discuss their vision. We translate our clients vision into a project scope and take it from there.

We can develop your next technology solution in any major stack, using all of the leading technologies to make your business run at peak performance.

    • LAMP Stack
    • Microsoft Stack
    • MEAN Stack
    • .Net
    • Ruby on Rails
    • PHP
    • Native iOS & Android Apps
    • Hybrid Apps

How We Work

Our teams listen to your vision and translate it into terms of project scope. Our teams have the know-how to strategically suggest any key technologies that can be applied to ensure the success of your custom software solution. We keep the success of your business as a whole in mind while we execute your project. That’s how we excel.

Stack Blue has developed custom software for a multitude of industries. Contact us to find out how we can streamline your business processes today.

  • Business Process AutomationWe craft code to help businesses run better.

  • High-End TechnologiesWe implement the most cutting edge technologies for our clients to ensure their software exceeds expectations.

  • Flawless ExecutionOur projects are executed with a level of finesse and expertise that only Stack Blue can achieve.

  • Fluid Agile Strategy

    Our execution strategy starts with our unique agile methodology. Our approach is a fluid and fresh method to developing quality code. It’s all about expert engineering, mixed with modern processes and technologies. Stack Blue is the technology partner you have been looking for

    • Project Scoping
    • Defining Requirements
    • Designing Architecture
    • Building Technology
    • Quality Assurance
    • Knowledge Transfer

  • Business Technology Expertise

    Our expert Business Technology Consultants know what it takes to weave technologies together to serve businesses. Our experience is unmatched when it comes to streamlining business processes, and that resonates through the effectiveness of our code.

    Businesses depend on us to make key strategic decisions when mapping out their projects, and we take pride in our ability to guide our partners to success.

  • Unmatched Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance and User Experience are two of the most important elements of any project, thats why we make sure to nail both of them down as soon as possible.

    Our teams are well equipped to ensure your project has the functionality you can depend on.


We have strong technology capabilities to deliver effective solutions that match your business needs and IT development strategy.

Microsoft Technologies

We deliver a comprehensive set of skills and experience for companies with Microsoft-based IT-infrastructure.

Open-Source Solutions

We help in building business process automation with Java and web-oriented technologies such as PHP and Ruby on Rails.

Identify your MVP

During us discover phase, our teams will help you identify the minimum viable product that you are looking for, that way we can get the software into the hands of real users quicker. The benefit there is ensuring that

Choose a Budget

Our professionals know that software development can get expensive. That’s why we work with you to carve out a budget that we strictly stick to. Sure, when the scope of the project changes or you want to add features, we can always evolve the product roadmap, and discuss any of those changes along the way. Technology is rarely ever “done”, that’s why Stack Blue focuses on becoming your long-term technology partner.

Pick the Best Technology Stack

LAMP Stack, Microsoft Stack, MEAN Stack, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Our experts help your teams understand the positives and negatives of developing your code in each stack, and help you to choose the right one for your software solution. We have developed countless business technology solutions in all major stacks, and can easily guide you to success, no matter what the product you are trying to develop, or what process you are trying to optimize.

In-depth Gap Analysis

When you choose Stack Blue to optimize your existing software, we do an extensive gap analysis of your code to see where it can be enhanced. Our teams then create a plan of execution and scope out the project for you before we begin to write code.


Our unique agile approach to software development allows us to iterate during the process and ensure that any new considerations and features can be added to the scope of the project with ease. The key is getting your software into the hands of real users for feedback as soon as possible. We excel at putting out an MVP within project deadlines and building on version one of your product until you have the perfect solution for your business.


Audit Process


Discussing and interviewing existing staff and resources on the team.


Reviewing all existing software properties within the digital ecosystem.


Evaluating current infrastructure and server environments that have been set up.


Building a strategic technology roadmap based on the organization’s ideal state.


Providing tactical support to ensure projects are feasible to implement.