When your project fails, Stack Blue will come to your rescue.

We take all types of failing projects, diagnose the problem, and optimize the software solution so that it works the way you originally intended.

We take a case-centric approach to understanding the architecture and figuring out the issues that are preventing your project from being successful. After an extensive discovery phase, we fix the problems from a user POV. Stack Blue has perfected the art of project rescue; we test, scope, develop, and repeat until your goals are met.

    • Diagnose Issues
    • Define MVP
    • Case-centric Approach
    • Architecture Discovery
    • Set Project Goals
    • Fix From User’s POV
    • Extensive Quality Assurance
    • Focus on User Experience

We fix projects that have gone off course.

We understand how projects go array during development, and we first identify the most critical areas where your project needs work. After defining the Minimum Viable Product, we sort the issues out from the end-users perspective, with a heavy focus on UX to ensure a speedy return on investment for your business.

Stack Blue will be your dedicated IT Team.

From brainstorming to quality assurance, we guarantee that our team of IT professionals can assist your business with reaching the next level, faster and more effectively than any contracted individual.

Prioritization of Important Tasks

Our project managers prioritize everything that is important to the success of your project, like security and user experience, and our engineers guarantee strong functionality.

Communication and Knowledge Transfer

Stack Blue has dedicated operations specialists who are geared to ensuring that your tech works for you. We prioritize knowledge transfer so that you know how to squeeze the most benefit out of your technology.

Dedicated Support and Maintenance

Stack Blue has a passion for software that works, and we stand behind every line of code we write. Working with us guarantees you always have the support you need to keep your business running at peak performance.

We Will Make Sure Your Software Project Succeeds.

Our guarantee to businesses that partner with us doesn’t just include successful development, we ensure successful implementation as well. We guarantee that our comprehensive implementation methods and approach to software development will result in success for your project. Stack Blue teams are specifically structured to work with our never-failing methodology, allowing your business to reap all the benefits.

  • Strong Architecture

  • Agile Development

  • Unrivaled Implementation

Gap Analysis

We are experts at gap analysis of software. When you choose Stack Blue to fix your software development project that has gone array, our engineers analyze your software on a code level, while our QA teams test it through all the use cases from the end user’s POV. This ensures that we get to the bottom of all issues as quickly as possible, and fix the most important ones quickest.

Audit Process


Discussing and interviewing existing staff and resources on the team.


Reviewing all existing software properties within the digital ecosystem.


Evaluating current infrastructure and server environments that have been set up.


Building a strategic technology roadmap based on the organization’s ideal state.


Providing tactical support to ensure projects are feasible to implement.