Technology Consulting for Businesses

Stack Blue has been at the forefront of assisting organizations around the world with leveraging technology into business performance increases. Technology can be the game changer for meaningful business change, and our teams have the experience to teach companies how to get the most out of their tech. From business process automation, to cloud and mobile solutions, our IT consultants enable businesses to streamline their infrastructure and operate at peak performance.

    • IT Infrastructure Discovery
    • Strategy Development
    • Business Process Automation
    • Technology/Framework Choices
    • InfoSec Consulting
    • Cloud Management
    • Data Analytics & Visualization
    • Software Architecture Review
    • DevOps as a Service
    • QA and Testing
    • Application Integration

Transform the way your Business Handles Tech.

Our business technology consultants can guide your tech teams to the point where they can deliver results more effectively for your company. Faster problem resolution, faster feature delivery, increased process stability are all possible when your teams have the right training and tools to be successful.

Application Security Consulting

Our InfoSec experts can teach your technology teams best practices when developing the software that is vital to running your business.

Business Process Formalization

Formalization of the processes that help your businesses run at optimal performance is critical for your IT experts, Stack Blue helps your teams eliminate redundancy.

IT Infrastructure Analysis

In an extensive discovery phase, our business technology experts will analyze your IT infrastructure to identify any areas of potential optimization and get things on the right track.


We have strong technology capabilities to deliver effective solutions that match your business needs and IT development strategy.

Microsoft Technologies

We deliver a comprehensive set of skills and experience for companies with Microsoft-based IT-infrastructure.

Open-Source Solutions

We help in building business process automation with Java and web-oriented technologies such as PHP and Ruby on Rails.

Technical Debt Management

Our teams can help your company deliver more features while reducing technical debt. If you are trying to meet project deadlines or just notice that development is simply not going the way you had originally intended, let us help to pick up some of the slack.

Total Cost of Ownership

Sometimes re-development may be the best route for your business. We help you analyze the total cost of ownership of your technology and decide on the best course of action. If re-development is the best route, our engineers and project managers can help scope out the perfect solution to your businesses technology issues.

Automation Basics

Easier Data Entry

Your business relies on data. From entering credits and debits into your accounting system to adding new sales orders – we see if there are technology solutions that reduce manual entry, employee overhead and chances of error.

Centrally Managing Employees

Automation platforms rely on being able to track employee data. By utilizing a centralized employee management platform, we make it easier for you to track your employee productivity and better quantify your workforce.

Better Business Reporting

The point of successful business software is to make it easier and more transparent for executives to make decisions. Capturing more data means making it easier to build better reports that effectively capture the health of your business.

Audit Process


Discussing and interviewing existing staff and resources on the team.


Reviewing all existing software properties within the digital ecosystem.


Evaluating current infrastructure and server environments that have been set up.


Building a strategic technology roadmap based on the organization’s ideal state.


Providing tactical support to ensure projects are feasible to implement.